92 gsr suspension

i had two 92 LSs and sold them( dont ask me what i was smoking) but now im back…got a 92 gsr this weekend, and wanna start it out right… the car already has KYB GR-2s on it but its stock height(never raced or anything). is it worth getting the AGXs in the front? and how much is it in inches when all the fender well gap is gone but the tire is not tucking… its like 2.5 inches? i wanna put the perfect spring height on it…nice and low but not overkill.

you have to account for what size rollers youll be going with too. if stock then youll need to lower it a certain amount, but if you go with 16s and maybe 45 series, who knows. it would be best to just measure with a ruler, itll be most acurate that way.

wheel size

as far as wheel size, for now im going to roll on the stock 14 inch wheels, but later wanna go 15, maybe 16s…dont like too large of a wheel…too many clearance problems just to look nice…i dunno…im thinking 2.5 in the back and 3.0 in the front is sufficient enough. thanks alot for the reminder though!

I would personally, keep it at stock height and go autocrossing. You can install AGXs in the front and still be legal for stock classes. Then you can stay or advance later if you wish.

Since no one takes such advice, what you want to hear is the drop. 1.8/1.5" leaves less than 1" wheel gap in the fender, which looks good to me.