92 GSR Swap help

so i recently acquired a 92 DB2 GSR with a 94 GSR swap…now car pulls hard and runs normal but having 2 CELs…the first code is code 7 witch is Throttle angle (Throttle position sensor)…and the second is code 20 Electronic load detector…no i want the CEL gone…now do i need a new TPS? and not sure what code 20 is for…running p72 ECU…need help! thanks!

just adjust the throttle position sensor. Specs are in the haynes.
Code 20- beats me :shrug: did you search?

Code 20 answer- here

Calibrate your TPS to get rid of code 7. Fix code 7 and code 20 should go away as well. Code 20 alone should not throw a CEL.

thanks…will see whats up with it tomorrow