92 Integra booging at full throttle and shooting flames out exhaust

hey guys i took my integra for a drive for the first time since i got it and it works fine unless you go wide open it just falls on its face but it revs up fine when idling also when you rev it up to the limiter it shoots flames out the exhaust im thinkin its either a fuel or timing issue need some help with this thanks

Sounds like both. Def. not good for the motor to be shooting flames. That means there’s so much fuel being dumped into the engine that it can’t even burn it all before it reaches your exhaust.

Sounds timing related.

sounds like a turbo, 2 step setup.


well buddy i bought the car from last year claims that the engine was recently rebuilt and bored with high compression pistons so its very possible they didnt get the timing right when they set it

absolutely timing related.
check ignition timing as per procedure

what is the easiest way to check the timing also i do not have a timing light

you need a timing light. it’s the only way

alright i think my father has one ill check that and post what i find out thanks for the help guys

Before you even bother with the timing light make sure the timing belt is on correctly as being one tooth off on it can cause problems.

the timing light will show that anyways. it’s a dynamic test. that’s why i suggested it

found out the problem whoever built the engine before i got it had the timing off so to get it to run they advanced the distributor as far as it would go