92 Integra RS w/93 GSR swap


Finally after 10 yrs of owning the vehicle I manned up and put her up on the dyno at Classified Motorsports here in Kelowna, BC just this past summer.
Allegra managed to put down a respectable 145hp & 108 ft/trq. Can’t wait to see what sort of numbers I’ll have when I’m done with her.

Parts to go in are as follows:

Brian Crower Stage 3 cams (which i’m debating about swapping in Sk2Pro1’s)
Skunk2 Adj cam gears.
ITR Intake Manifold port matched to a 70mm Omni Power TB
P30 or JDM ITR pistons
Supertech Valvetrain
Stock crank & rods
ARP bolts (head & main)
Cometic 3 layer head gasket
3 angle PNP