92 LS Auto with 200K miles. Blew timing belt. New motor or fix it? Trans swap?

I have a 92 integra LS auto with 200k on the motor. I would like some advice and opinions if you would please :smiley:

Should I just remove the head and inspect the valves and pistons? If all is ok and needs minor repair should I just fix it and slam it back together? Or is it easier/better to find a newer motor and drop that in?

I would like to do a transmission swap to standard while I am at it.

What is the easiest newer motor to drop in if I can find one?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will have the majority of the work done by a professional who is a friend of mine. He suggested a newer engine if we get into it and the pistons are damaged, because an engine swap is just easier than a rebuild.

Current motor as it sits. Although its not this clean anymore.

I would like to keep things on the cheap if possible. I have front end damage from an accident I have to fix as well so I need cash for that as well.

where did u find that end piece adapter to your short ram intake ? can you provide a link ?

my Dad works at a chevy dealership and he took it off of a cavalier. I was looking at it one day and said hey, I have an idea! It fit perfectly. I don’t know anything else about it sadly.

Alright thank you

no problem.

I’ve heard people with burst timing belts that had minimal damage. If you’re wanted to do things on the cheap, I’d go the route of finding out if you even have a bad enough problem first (if you have the time and knowledge to do so).

just hang a belt and waterpump on it and see if it fires up and runs good. tbh, there’s a good chance it will. i did the same thing and everything was fine. these aren’t close interferance engines.
what were the circumstances immediately prior to this happening?