'92 LS Exhaust build plan.

Greets all, I am the owner of a '92 LS G2. I have had this car for the past 3 years and I am just now starting to do some mod work on it. The engine in the 1.8l that came with that year and model and has just shy of 80k on it. Don’t remember the ident for it though. Anyway, like I said I am working on the exhaust and plan to move to other things later on. I have ordered a Greddy SP2 cat back. And I am planing on a AEM CAI as well as Greddy header.

Is there a down pipe? If there is a down pipe would that also need to be upgraded to 2.25 as well?
And is my stock cat OK or should I move to a car sound? (Would rather not unless the improvement would be more then .2 hp or something =p)

That said and done, I am rather new to this and all the info I have is from studying this board. I have found it to be the most knowledgable from all the board I have looked at.

After I have the exhaust done what other options do I have as far as engine modding goes. I Hear allot about LS/VTEC and originally wanted to go turbo but I think that will be out of my price range. After this exhaust I could see putting in another $3k but not much more then that. Thanks for all the help and I look forward to your opinions.


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