92 ls what type of headlight blub does it use


headlights: 9004 55/66 watts
corner(clear part)/parking lights(orange part): 194 or 168 5watts
front turn(bumper) signals: 1156 21watts
rear turn signal: IT IS DIFFERENT FOR 90-91 and 92-93!!
90-91:1157 dual filament 5/21 watts
92-93:1156 21 watts.
i know this because i had 90-91 rear tails until i swapped with member 93b18(leo) who had 92-93 tails with 1156 bulbs for the rear turn signal.
brake light:1157 5/21 watts
reverse:1156 21watts
fog lights: h3 35watts

please search next time, bulb applications have been discussed before.