'92 RS having trouble getting into gear. Need help!

Okay so recently I’ve had a few troubles with my car not wanting to shift. It isn’t grinding but it just won’t fall into gear unless I hold it towards the gear I want and let the RPM’s drop to around 100-200 over 2k then it usually just falls in. When down shifting it usually wants to fall into gear around 1500 or so. I’ve tried adjusting the clutch cable on the transmission but it didn’t seem to solve the problem. I’ve also noticed this problem gets worse after the car get’s warm. At first I thought my clutch was done but it doesn’t seem to slip and it seems to engage and disengage just fine so now I was leaning more towards low transmission fluid which I’m gonna check soon. Also is it likely it’s something internally wrong with my transmission? Only mod’s to the car are a B&M short shifter. Cold Air Intake with K&N filter and a custom 2 1/4 cat. back exhaust with Magnaflow cat. and Vibrant performance muffler. Also the exhaust did cause me a slight problem when I first had it installed. I couldn’t hit 5th gear until I punched it in a couple of times due to some binding. Is it possible the heat from the exhaust has done damage? The exhaust also hits something near the back of my car when excellerating around a corner from a stop. Although I don’t know if that would be causing any transmission problems. Also the car has 290k km. on it. Is it normal for the transmission fluid to get low as the car get’s older or if it’s low does that mean I have a leak somewhere? Anyways I’d apreciate any help. Thanks.

check your fluid and then go from there. check both output shafts(axels),drain and fill bolts and thee seal between the case halfs for leaks

change the oil in your tranny, alot of people with this problem use the redline oil and herd it works wonders. also you have a short shifter you might want to grease up the ball on the shifter, might be getting dry. but im sure its in the oil

Okay I just checked the transmission fluid. Was topped right off although tranny fluid is supposed to be red am I correct? This stuff looked like engine oil. Looked dirty so I’ll probably change it although I gotta wait until tomorrow. Nothings open on Sunday. Now I have a question though. Are there different types of transmission fluid? I don’t wanna put the wrong stuff in my car and find out I just screwed over my transmission.

Auto tranny fluid is typically red but the manual trasmissions essentially use motor oil. Actually the owners manual says to use 10W-30 but Honda now has “Manual Transmission Fluid” which is supposed to be better.

Okay thanks. I’ll try changing the transmission oil and see if that makes a difference. Doesn’t seem like it would make that big a difference to me but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’m just hoping it’s not my syncro’s or anything else inside the tranny gone bad.

i dont think its syncros because you stated it gets worse the warmer the car is and oil gets thinner the hotter it gets, change it out, use some redline 10-40 you can get it at pepboys, my friend had bad syncros and the redline oil made it drivable till he replaced the tranny.

Change your clutch, I just had the same problem,
there was just 2 threads last week about this.
My throw out bearing broke and the clutch springs were loose.




Clutch is practically toast. I noticed it got a little worse today on my way to work. Clutch pedal felt like it had a bit of a shutter to it when I let it out nice and easy and I took it up to my uncles garage. He just happens to be a transmission specialist and he said it’s definately the clutch. I also discovered if I press the clutch with my toes I can get it down just a little bit farther and it shifts a lot smoother but still feels a little rough when I release it. Anyways the car goes to the body shop tomorrow and when I get it back I’m gonna throw a new clutch in it with a lighter fly wheel and all. I’d like to get a short geared tranny like a b16a1 tranny (ys1 it is am I right?) and put my LS fifth gear in it but I’ll worry about that later I don’t have the money for it yet and I’ve got a million and one things I’m working to get done to the car. lol Appreciate the help guys. Thanks.