92 teg swap B16a1..b16a2??Difference

I was wondering, why is it everytime i ask if i can swap a 88-91 b16a into my 92 teg i end up with the same answer…wont pass smog… is this true. is there anyone out there with a b16a SIR I motor in their 92-93 teg that can help or do i just have to buy a B16a2 SIR II motor?? HELP! :argh:

first off, there isn’t such thing as a “b16a1” all the jdm motors are just stamped “b16a” And the “b16a2” is either the 99-01 civic si motor or the del sol motor (i always get them mixed up as to which is b16a2 and which is b16a3) What you’re referring to are the 1st and 2nd generations of the motor.

The law here in cali used to be that the motor had to be a usdm motor. But thats changed now. You can now swap in a jdm motor as long as its exactly the same as a usdm motor. So, you’d need to pass the motor off as being exactly the same as either a 99-01 civic SI motor or a dohc vtec del sol motor. The only problem with that is that you would have to run a hydro tranny…and thats not gonna be fun.

Do some searching on this board, smog ref info and swap regulations have been posted numerous times…I should know cause i have spent the last year or two trying to figure out exactly how the state deals w/ all that stuff.