92 teg vs 92 s13

Hey guys ma mate just got a silvia s13 with a sr20 in it.He also just got his P’s and has been egging me on to drag him at eastern creek. I was wondering how would i go up against him i have a 92 teg with a b18a1 in it and it only has a CAI everythin else stock he also has nothing done to his car. and his is non turbo thanks heaps happy driving

also i have been suprised with ma tegs peformance we whipped a sss pulsar and a liberty station wagon on the quater.i’ve put it up for sale but there is somthing about the teg that i dont want to let go. peace

if you shift mad quick you’ll smoke his azZ :up:

C’mon no need for all that…

It all depends on many things…Too many to make an assumption…Just go out and do it…Just for shits and giggles…See what the outcome is and let us know…

thanks i’ll let youse know the outcome peace

if his car is non turbo, decent driving skills on your part would equal a DA teg walking on top of an S13 silvia. especially if his is bone stock non turbo, if i’m not mistaken, isn’t a non-turbo SR20 about the same as a KA24DE power wise, i could be wrong, i tend to not give a shit on Nissans/Datsuns that aren’t wearing a Z badge on them. or a genuine GT-R badge (not some autozone knock-off)

as a previous owner of an altima (97), the ka24de puts out 150 hp and about 153 tq. the sr20de puts out 140 hp and not sure bout the tq.

s13 puts out 155hp/160tq and my 90 gs da stomps on a couple of my friends. s13 is slightly heavier, and with the underpowered n/a sr20, you’d walk all over him, but that is just my assumption. plus my da is lightened, straight-through exhaust, no cat, no res. 2.5in exhaust, clutch about to crumble to pieces. and stock b18a1. let me know if you want to know more about the s13/240sx

im almost 100% positiver ull loose … no offence but itd beat you.

your b18a1 would get stomp by the sr20 the turbo will haul you.

my 92gsr can’t even go near my bro. KA-T so again you lose

sr20 is N/A
sr20det is boosted,

sr20det with no mods are quick but not that quick seen em get stomped by stock gsr motors in eg/eks hatches.

240 - 2600lbs + 217 hp, rwd

gsr engine in hatch - 2000 +/- lbs + 140hp, fwd


he said in hatches, such as eg’s and ek’s. so i think that is very possible.

werd, wouldn’t beat mine though, but i’ve got upgrades to my sr20det

a k20 eg hatch would smoke sr20det s13s and 240s stock for stock (engines)

a k20 eg is in itself not stock…a good race would be a k20 in an eg and a rb25det in a silvia…maybe even an rb26dett if you can smash it in there…

and i don’t know, I haven’t done the sr20det swap yet, but my '98 S14 can romp the shit outta my bro’s '91 GS…but the S14 has cai, full-custom, straight through race exhaust, cam gears, and no ac…it’s also lightened…

75 shout of nos you will win


Yes you can…And that would be a much better race…I seen K20 Ek’s running circles around evos…

if the engines were left stock, that would be a great race