'93 4D Red/White Tail Replacement

I’ve asked a number of people and have done a number of searches and no one can seem to give me a difinitive answer.

I really want to put the 90-91 tails (the red and white) into my '93 GS (which is a 4-door, so I’ll need to replace 4-door tails with 4-door tails) because i hate the orange. I’d just take out the reflectors, as specified in TegTips, but I’m worried about condensation inside the light, and the way all that silicone around it will look like. I also don’t have the time/tools required to get it done, so swapping the tails might be the most desirable. Has anyone ever done this? Anyone know if it’s possible for the 90-91s to fit the 92-93 socket? I don’t want to go buy the tails only to find they won’t fit. Thanx

They won’t fit 90-91 & 92-93 trunk enclosures have a different angle.


Unless you change your trunk to 90-91 I think…

thanx, thats what i thought

Im pretty sure the trunk swap works, I’m not 100% though…

Come on people, It works, and it will fit in and bolt right up, except you cant close the trunk all the way down, unless you wanna cut up the trunk lid a little. All you need to do to complete the swap is a trunk lid from a 90-91 DB1.

I just sold a pair to DarkDB1.
I have another set left, but it’s going on my car as soon as I can find a clean 90-91 DB1 trunk lid. I’m kinda getting sick of the amber too…


I dunno…my buddy just put 90-91 tails on his 92, and I don’t believe he had to mod anything. It doesn’t look good though. Getting the 90-91 trunk would be ideal…or clear the 92-93 lights.

This may help:

The tailight assemblies themselves are swapable from year to year, but the trunklid will have to match the tailights for it to work.

I’ll trade you trunk lids.

hehe, sorry I should have clarified. Unfortunately neither the picture or the car in the picture are mine.