93 da b20 high idle

Hey I’m new and I have a 93 teg that is by far the sickest car iv ever owned so far. Also it my first honda.
Aight so I have a high idle problem. Their no cel on I have a new o2, distributor, cap, wires, spark plugs, flushed the radiator and cleaned the intake. Iv cleaned my iacv and fitv. Is their anyway to test the tps sensor and iacv because after doing a complete tune up and all new bushing and shocks I’m a little short on cash now. Also is their some test I can do to check or sign to look for that could lead to the proble? I have no vacuum leaks by the way. Replaced all the hoses and it was rebuilt about 20,000 miles ago. When I did that I replaced all the gaskets to. The ecu set up with ls/VTEC on p25 but i havnt got it tuned yet. :frowning: . Also has 94 gsr distributor. It got a b20 bottom end with b16 head.

Also another problem is that when it is really hot outside and the car been sitting in the sun. It will start up and then bog and die out. After it does it won’t start for 3 to 5 minutes and then after that it cranks up and run fine besides the high idle. Also I notices it also only does it when It low on gas. I’m thinking something with a fuel pump but I’m not completely sure on what it could be.

Sorry it so long.

You are gonna need some more details on the idle problem. Like exactly when it does it, how high, what else you messed with on the intake manifold, etc etc…

I took the intake and throttle body off and clean both of them with
Throttle body cleaner. I also made sure no sensor were left in. Also it has a high idle from when I start going. When ever i first start it and let it warm it up. It fine but when I give it gas and then left off it high idles between 1100 to 2000. I checked my throttle body to make sure it wasn’t sticking open but it not. By the way… It use to surge but after replacing everything I posted earliar and cleaning the iacv n Fitv it stopped but I still have a high idle. Sometimes after driving my idle will go to normal but not for long.