93 ground controls, 94 illuminas

will using 90-93 ground controls, 94+ illuminas, and 94+ front forks work? or do i need anything else? sorry for the maybe stupid question. :slight_smile:

The ground controls should work with the struts, but you will need to get the little fork pieces that connect the strut to the front lca from a 94 teg if you want to use those shocks (3rd gen struts are thicker than 2nd gen struts). Everything should work out ok if you do that, but I would suggest more research just to make sure.

As for the rears, I think they will work just fine, but there may be length issues (I believe 2nd and 3rd gen shocks have a slight difference in length). It might not be a huge problem, but if the shocks are out of their intended neutral range, they may not last very long.

ur set and ready to use em
everything will bolt on