93 gsr ECU on b18c1?

i have a B18c1('95) in my 93 gs-r and im running with my stock ECU,im pretty sure the fuel maps r different from these 2 ecu even tho the red lines r the same and i think the vtec kicks in at different rpms too…can somebody confirme that?
and what if i converte the A/F ratio and ajuste the VTEC engagement with a Apexi Vafc? would it be a good idea?

you need the p72 94-95 gsr ecu if you are running the stock gsr mainfold , the gsr mainfold runs dual butterflys for vtec , the b17 only runs single , if you are running a skunk itr mainfold the 93 gsr ecu works just fine the mapping is pretty much the same i was told , as for vtec on the apexi it depends on your set up i have itr cams on my b18c i set my vtec at 5400 or 5700 it all depends dont set it to low you just waste to much gs and vtec kinda lags in midrange if you set it like at 4700
good luck