93 gsr with b20 swap engine harness question

Hey fellow members. So I have a question. I have a 90 integra RS with a b20. Everything ran fine but the shell was beat up and I found a 93 GSR shell with no motor so I bought that and swapped the b20 into it. I was wondering which harness do I use? I know my 90 is obd0 but I think the harness that came with the gsr isn’t the original one because it has 3 plugs on the driver side firewall but the chassis only uses one plug. Which leads me to another thing. The passenger side by the battery has a plug sitting there but the harness has nothing for it. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. When I turn my key I get no check engine light, no battery or oil light, no fuel pump prime and I checked for spark too and nothing there either.

make life simple, get a custom tuck harness made for the B20 motor and plug paly directly to your 92 gsr chassis harness.
should cost like $350

I don’t want a tuck harness. I want everything oem.

Use the stock gsr harness, dont hook up the vtec plugs and use a oem obd1 ls non vtec ecu

Thanks for the reply bro. I have everything except the harness. So do you think this is why I’m not getting my check engine , battery or oil lights on my dash when I turn the key to the II position?

Start it and see. What lights are on

It won’t start. I’m getting no lights at all. Don’t think I’m getting power to the ecu

check the thermostat ground cluster

Triple checked that. Sanded it and evetything. Still nothing…

Its like they said, you need a DB2 P61 B17a1 Engine harness to make it run correctly with the DB2 chassis harness.

Thanks bro. I did a little more research but yeah I’m trying everywhere to find one. Do you think if I get one made from ry wire, would that work?

what ecm are you using? what distributor are you using? take a pic of the harness that’s in there. are the bulkhead engine connectors grey?
sorry. didn’t read your opening post lol

had the same problem you have to use the db2 harness no matter what to work on it. ecu does not matter if its obd 1 it will turn on i use a ls computer from a 95 integra and the db2 harness and my b20b fired up with no problem.

Appreciate the reply bro. Now I just need to get my hands on one lol. I have a feeling this is going to be a pain to find one…

they are around just post it on the want to buy list someone will have this. Good luck finding it.

Just did. Thanks again acura_madness

If you’re handy with a multi-meter and can read pinouts and electrical wiring diagrams you can make a 92-93 rs/ls/gs harness work. It won’t be plug and play since you’ll need to move some wires around but it can be done pretty easily so long as you’re capable of that sort of work. Personally if it was me I would go that route as it’d be much much easier to find an rs/ls/gs harness (and cheaper) than finding a GSR harness.

Yeah I’m horrible at reading that kind of stuff… LOL. Unless theirs a DYI guide somewhere