94-97 accord side skirts

anyone ever fit them on a teg… im talkin about the stock side skirts if so any pics of them and how-to’s


Bump for some pics of this mod… Have my cousins 94 Accord EX in the back, bout to bust a jack move and come up on her lip kit… She’s a stupid chick, she won’t notice… Hehehehehehe… Can someone help me out???


wow this thread is almost 2 years old ahahahah

is that public school math lol? this thread JUST turned 2 years old.

Rrrrrriiiiiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt! So yeah, public school math…

Soooooooooooooooo, Can someone help me with this “2” yr. old thread??? I tried to recycle, reduce, reuse, these threads so you’ll fools won’t have to say “This been covered before” “use the search button” etc… I guess I will flood these forums with shit that has been covered… This is a dead thread… Commander please Delete… I try to make peeps happy and end up being the stupid one…

I still don’t get that public school math shit??? :bs:

nah man, fuck em. seriosuly you arent going to make anyone happy on this board i’ve thought about it the same exact way you do.

as far as accord sides on DA…

this guy did it…

his username is rexone


Mark had initially put “wow this thread is almost 3 years old!” If you look at the date it was 2 years and a few days old THUS nowhere near being 3 years old. We (Mark and I) both live in the same county in NJ so I was implying that the public school math programs offered are of poor quality.


4sd4dr. I don’t think those are accord skirts, they look exactly like EK’s to me…

both the ek and accord sides are similar.

yeah they do fit.
my boy installed them for me.
we used the 97 4dr accord sideskirts and mud flaps since i have a DB1.
don’t like using the EK sideskirts because of the slight curve. the accords are straighter. we also used the accord mudflap as well.

wish i had a write up and pics of the process.

OK, I’m back… Sorry if I snapped the other day, I hate when people think I’m stupid when I was just trying to recycle. Anyway… this is my problem: I have a DA9 and I have a 94 Accord EX 4 Door on my lott w/rear lip and sideskirts… Will that work for me? I did the measurements and it seemed like it was possible… 6’=Integra 6’5=Accord

So all I have to do is cut the 5’ off of the sideskirts and that’ll be it? Let me know what’s up with this odd q… I don’t want to go out to the junk yard and scoop up a pair of sideskirts… I’ll just end up getting the knock off Mugen or WW sideskirts… Ty

i have them currently and with my new 92 bumper and ITR lip it flows nicely but the geinus that owned the car b4 me did a shit job so im gettin mugens. but i think they look good. search my name for threads i created and ull find em but they are b4 the bumper update.

caboose, they are from an accord, i installed them on rexones car and they fitment was alot better than the ek sides, and i was able to use the accord mudguard with it

Does the skirt rub the door? The gap between the sill and the door seems minimal.

there is no rubbing at all, i cut them pretty well so fitment was good