94-97 gsr shift linkage?

im looking at a complete change over swap on hmotorsonline from a 94-97 integra GSR can i use everything it brings including the shift linkage on my DA if i do the swap?

yes it will fit

yup it should fit might be a lil bit longer then ur stock one but it should fit. i just bought a jdm type r one like 2 weeks ago and it fit with no problems.


I know someone who has one on his DA. So it fits. I also had a JDM type R linkage on my old car.

Have fun with that pin :stuck_out_tongue:


yup that pin is a bitch i was just putting a shift linkage in the other day. i just did a b20 swap and needed to put the pin back. i was at honda working on the linkage then a tech walk pass by and i ask him if there was an easyer way to do it and he pulled out a tool and it took like 10 secs.

sorry to thread jack but looks like you got the answer you were looking for and I dont want to waste time starting a new thread on something already being discussed. Anyway do you happen to know the name of that tool or a way to get the pin out? Ive been pounding on this thing for 20 minutes and cant get the bitch out.

My brother and I spent 6 hours trying to get that pin out.

I had to take my motor out with the linkage still attached. Then once I got it all out of the car and on the ground that freakin pin came right out… I was soo mad.

get an 8mm screw and bang it out thats how i did it before

thats what i did and that gsr shift linkage is very nice… got one from the website new and is very nice…

hey you from richmond… haha same

the only way i know of getting one of these bitches out is with a TAPERED PUNCH i also used a impact hammer though. i did on the other hand install itr gearshift rod about 6 months after i did the swap and didnt have access to the impact hammer so i just used the punch and a hammer…it came out with a little mussel, but clearance was the issue mostly.

i highly recommend buying a tapered punch if you plan on doing a motor swap and or linkage swap, they are cheap and effective. i got mine at sears for like 10 bucks.

oh yeah gsr gearshift rod will fit fine, i dont know if the rest will fit.

LOL yeah that is what i used a tapered punch and a hammer. While on the car we tried everything in our arsonal. We tried bolts nails screws, screw drivers, hammers, rubber mallets, sledge hammers, rachet extensions, WD-40,
We even tried to drill it out. Broke 3 bits and dulled my best bit designed for drilling hard metals. The only thing that would make a dent in it was the dremel. But at the time all i had was the large sanding wheel. so all i could do was grind it down flush with the linkage. By then my brother had to go home. The next day i got pissed and just ripped the whole thing out attached to the motor. Then tapped on it with a hammer and the punch and it poped right out.

The secret to the pin is this:

Take a jack and put a punch between it and the pin. Jack up. The pin will pop out. If it doesn’t it needs to be cooled. There are several ways to do this. Use n2o or compressed air, Or you can use dry ice and if you can get it to stay that’ll do the trick. Once cold it contracts a little and should pop out easily. Once it’s out put it in a baggie and throw it in the freezer. It’ll make putting it back in WAY easier.

Wow Great Tip!!!

Here is what you use.
They’re Spring Tools “Pin punches”

Literally 2 min to pop it out. Then 2 to get it back in.