94 gsr in a 93 teg ls harness

heres the deal ive hooked vtec up, and the knock sensor using my ls harness and just adding pins, but here is what bothers me this motor used to be in my 92 integra and i swaped it out harness and all. ran perfect when it was in the 92 but i never had my IAB solenoid hooked up, so now after i swapped it into the 93 i wanna hook my IAB soleniod up i know it has to go to the A17 pin but i just dont know what it looks like i really would like a picture and if its a 2 wire connector is the other one a ground??? ive never had the IAB hooked up in either of these cars and ive never got a cel because of it. any help would be great i was searching google for a pic but having no luck.

These guys maybe able to help you.


i know about that i need a pic of the Iab bc i dont know what it looks like ill find a connector at a junkyard i made most of my subvtec harness just need to find out what this sensor looks like

ANYONE??? :manual: :manual:

any help would really help me out any pics or even info

anyone got a pic of evan a manifold with a iab on it ???

can anyone help me i just need to see what it looks like

wow no one can help me ???

i just need to knoiw where iab is on the the stock b18c1 manifold and what it looks like

it is a black box under the intake manifold… kk… anyways… u can run the vac line from the diaphram to a open port or tee into a port for vac lines on the top of the intake manifold… make sure u do know that there are pushers and pullers… attach it to a puller i believe and it will open gradually according to vac… I.E. idle vac. completely closed… in half thorttle position, 10 vac pulled and half open… so basically u can do it without wiring… but when the secondaries on the GSR activate it makes a power drop for about 500 RPM it sux… ur best bet is to scrap the IAB`s and get a Blox or SKUNK 2 IM… later-


thanx for the answer im thinking about using a aebs manifold anyone use these and tell me if there any good ???