96 GSR on 91 Integra

At what headers should I be looking at if I have a 96 GSR swap in my 91. Thanks

one for a c1. though you can really use whatever header you want.

thx we were waiting for that reassurance. now we can move ahead with the exhaust line!!!:slight_smile:


Bolt on no, you can use any header with modifications & a trip to the exhaust shop. But if your looking for something specifically for the DA look around more on this site, ie. under the vendor section…statracing & spoolin carry DA specific headers.
Google is also good shit homie.

hey i also did a c1 swap in my 91 but i didnt put the rear mount in before i did the swap ha…and soon found out that the ls rear mount wont work(the wholes to the tran are to small for the bolts that go to the tran) so im assuming i have to take out the motor and put the c1 rear mount in right?

I put a b18c1 in my 91 and used all the original 91 mounts with no issues.

I had an exhaust shop connect my gsr header to the cat, a 90-91 specific header would be the only one that actually bolted up I think.