98 CRV B20 Vs. 99 CRV B20

So I’ve been trying to find a CRV motor for quite some time now and I’ve read most everything I can find on the two. I would very much so prefer the 99-01 but I just can’t seem to find one without having to get it shipped but I’d really prefer to pick it up myself. I’m tired of waiting around and I want my car back so I can get some other unrelated things accomplished.

I already know the 99 has more Hp, a higher redline, and a higher compression and both the 99 and the 98 where OBDII. I think I’ve came across some info that some of the 96-98s where high compression as well but I think those where the JDM version. Can anyone confirm that?

As far as the 96-98 US version, is there any difference in the actual motors other than the high rise intake and the low rise intake?

I just plan to put the engine in the car and go without any sort of mods. Is it really that big a difference in the performance of the car itself?

Anything else I didn’t (or forgot) to mention?

Side note: I can’t use the search function on the forums but I did send the mod an Email before I posted this.

The motor is more powerful than an LS… So yes, you should notice the increased torque. That being said… It still is a stock motor, and peak performance will be virtually the same as an LS.

You really should get someone reputable to make you an OBD1 chip. Running a B20 on an LS map will be noticeablele bottleneck.

Sorry, I wasn’t specific… I meant noticeable difference in performance feel between the two different types of US CRV B20s.

When all is said and done I wont be using the Integra stock ECU.