99 civic si tach in 92 cluster?

Im sitting in friends car at work tonight right before we get off and i notice his tach reads 10 grand, anyone know if i can steal is tach put it in my cluster and plug it up? like a xsi tach does? or would i be better off putting a jdm cluster with gsr speedo in my car? pic below of one im talking about.

and for those wondering im going to have my head built to hold 10k rev point. probly wont ever go past 9.5 but dont want external tach any longer. dont like way it looks and its in the way and to far from everything for me to look at. i like have my internal tach and just external shift light. anyone have any ideas?

put your shift light inside your a/c vents in the center and it looks hawt

Dumb question maybe, but is your block already built to take 10k?

as for the tach, it can probably be made to work if you relocate some of the wires - don’t know if it would work stock.

no but thats what im working on now, when this rebuild goes in the car my 8 grand tach that now is useless, (i shift at about 9.2) i will make sure valve springs and bottem end are ready for 10. a freinds its built for 11 and after 10 its starts to lose a lil power.

Do the JDM 91 tachs end at 9, or 9.5? I’m not too sure, but if they end at 9500m, you’ll be all set. :slight_smile:

9.5 but new head will be able to go to 10. and im debating on 11 atm. just for pure shyts and giggles =P

Who makes cams that are making power at 10 or 11 k?

You wanna put a Spoon tach in your car? I don’t think that they sell them seperately. If you can even get one…

gude had a set about a year ago for ONLY turbo vtec heads. call them up they are custom and not on site if i remember right. when i was geting their camz for my turbo prelude they kept telling me i wanted those not lisening i had a b21 witch was non vtec. and only came in 90-91 preludes

and i was going to stick the WHOLE cluster in. testing a friends 94 cluster tonight. see how much fiber glass or work it will take.