99 GSR w/ tires

my friend got ahold of some 99 GSR rims with KUMHO tires, not sure the specifics but only look to have 20-30 % life on the fronts, he is going to sell me all 4 rims and tires for 150… good deal? They are in real nice shape, some of the clear coat looks to be coming off in the middle thats it.

even if the tires were non-existent that would be a good price, those are nice rims…are those the blades? either way, for $150 take it. when the tires are done a set of 4 nice tires shouldn’t cost you more than $300 or so.

yea they are the blade style

I am thinking about putting some falkens on from the guy on here.

why is this a topic??

150 man u shouldn’t even have to ask phat fives go for more than 150, lol