99 si parts into a da... What do u think????

Hey guys,

Iis there a way that I can use some parts out of a 99 civic si, I got a friend that has one for sale really cheap, but I was wondering if I can use anything to put in my da, like suspenson parts I know it’s got racing neuspeed and some shocks and they ride nice, but what bout the rest…
The car is a total because a tree fell on it… Could this be a good opportunity or what???

Any coments are welcome and appreciated…


I mean he’s selling me the whole car for 500 bucks cause the insurance already gave him the money for what it’s worth, should I get it or what?? I would like to know what people think??? If it was your case what would u do ?? Does it seem like a good deal???

No need to make two of the same thread.

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