A/C blower,electrical issues no radio/phone charger

Ok guys here is the story.Last week i was driving to walmart,as soon as I parked it started pouring.By the time I was done getting every that I needed It stopped raining so I paid and left.While I was driving home It started sprinkling and My car doesnt have a/c but the blower works so I turn it on and keep driving.I noticed that it just stopped working anf at the same time my cd/cigerette lighter also stopped working.Right after smoke started coming thru the glove box so I try turning of the blower but the nob was stuck.So I pulled over in fear of a fire and quickly removed the blower fuse.I get home and start looking over stuff and cant find anything strange.

Ok so here is what i see so far,The nob to turn the a/c on and off is stuck on on and my cd and cigerette lighter wont work.Ive checked all my fuses and relays and all are working fine.I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized how this happen.I have a guess what a cowl leak and Im guessing when I turned on the blower It shorted because of the water that leaked in.

My question is,Since all my fuses and relays are fine how come the cd player and cig lighter arent working?Is the another fuse under the dash or something im at a loss.Anyone help?