A/c fan, radio, no power.

So, it was going in and out over a week then one day didnt work for 30 min and the day after it no longer worked at all. I wiggled all the fuses and checked them down by the clucth pedal but it looks good.

One odd thing that happens is the alarm siren breifly chirps and power door locks I added years ago lock and unlock when I turn on the a/c fan sometimes. The blue light still comes on and the i hear the cooling fan come on it’s just the interior blower and radio that dont work.

The whole time ive had the car there was a problem with one of the fuses not seating well in the fuse box and so it came with a paper clip wedged in there that is now missing. I cant remember what happened if the clip was gone. I bought this car in 2000 and sold it years later and just bought it back as a car to drive to work.

I dont think it’s the fuse as I had the key in on position with fan on and played with all the fuses and it never came on.

sounds liek a loose ground to me… you could probably pick up a new/used fuse panel pretty cheap at ascrap yard (Pick-n-pull) or ebay and just replace the hole darn thing. would be the best way to address that improperly seated fuse…

It turned out to be the plug on the back of the ignition switch. It has some rotating discs that apply power to things based off of key position and it was worn out. I drive it all weekend after replacing it. Now my fuel pump won’t come on and I know the relay has been replaced before. Sigh…