A/C install questions

I have a 1990 Teg RS. No A/C and I want to install A/C before I move to South Carolina. What parts do I need to buy? Or how do I go about doing this? Has anyone done this or know of a Tech site that could point me in the right direction?


first make sure your blower works (fix the resistor if it only works on speed 4) . then get a compressor and reciver/drier (however you spell it). I found compressors for 550 and up. on the net I saw stuff way cheaper but was worried about it working and having to take it back if not. You can get your rebuilt or you go to a junkyard and get a good one for the same year. (75 bucks)
besides that get it switched to the new system and install.

not to mention the condensor , the lines, ac fan (by the radiator)

Kiko, where are you located?