a/c light works (sometimes)

ok guys this is my problem:

when i turn on my a/c i can feel it blowing “cool” air but my a/c light doesnt come on right away. sometimes it takes a couple of hours to turn on. im woendering if dats normal or if its supposed to turn on right away.

my low side of coolant is in 35+ and my compressor and fan are coming on.

i can feel the difference in air when turning it on but the air still not cold enough for the summer (florida)

so i know the bulb is good cuz it is coming on (sometimes) so my real question is what are the normal working functions of the a/c light??

Looking at the wiring schematic it does not look like that is normal, the “A/C Switch” supplies a ground to the bulb and the “A/C Pressure Switch” when turned on as long as the “Heater Fan Switch” is on at least low, the other side of bulb is connected to fuse 17 - 7.5A, [hot in run] in under dash fuse box, the fuse also goes to “Dimmer Circuit” in “Heater Control Panel”, one side of coil on “Condenser Fan Relay”, one side of coil on “A/C Compressor Clutch Relay” and the “Mode Control Motor”

I’m thinking a poor ground connection is being made in the “A/C Switch” or the “Heater Fan Switch”.

Have you tried turning “A/C Switch” on and off a few times or turning the “Heater Fan Switch” from off to on through all 4 speeds with “A/C Switch” on?:idea: 94

My guess would be that you are low on frezon. I will send you a print of how the light works and fans as the switch is all one in the same.

yea i tryed turning it on and off (fcm) and im thinking it might be a bad connection because i tapped it a couple of times and it turned on. then it went off on a bump and tapped it again and it came on. so im gonna take the dash apart and mess with it or just go to the junkyard and steal another 1 and put it in to see how that works.

thanks for the diagrams rx3 im gonna look into that and take it apart tomorow:hi5:

*oh yea and my low side of freeon is good. i jst rechecked it. idk about the high side thou…