A/C mistake

I made a mistake, I purchased the es-12 retrofitting kit for an r-12 system. And I forgot that I have a 95 GSR motor under the hood and there is no compressor. THe car used to be equipped with A/c when it had the b18a. So now I have no clue as to what parts I need and What am I going to do with my retrofitting kit?? Thanks

so nobody knows how to help me out? I was thinking to go to a mechanic and have him check to see what is missing. And I guess just recover all of the r-134 parts instead of getting an r12 system. But now I don’t know what to do with my es-12 crap.

:squint: Wow.

You’ll need some or all of the following:

Compressor bracket
Condenser (in front of radiator)
Condenser fan (on driver’s side of radiator)
Pressure switch
Wiring harness
Evaporator box (under the dash)
Receiver/drier (behind driver’s headlight)
A/c switch (in the middle of the fan control)

If the previous owner did the b17 swap then it’s quite possible that most of the a/c parts were ditched in an effort to save weight.

Your retrofit kit should work (eventually) since your teg was originally equipped with an R12 system.

the motor is actually the 95 gsr, b18c1. So then Would it be possible to get just an r-134 system? Or could i still use the r-12? Also anybody know how much this is gonna put me in a hole?

Ah, misread the “95” part. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter since there’s no compressor. You could go either way, R12 or R134a conversion. There are differing viewpoints on what parts need to be replaced in a conversion. Some will just flush the system, replace the drier, and charge the system with 134a. Others recommend replacing the drier, compressor, hoses, and o-rings. There are also differing opinions on which system works better.

I’d suggest scouring some wrecking yards to find the parts you need. You might want to try eBay too. My teg is a/c delete and I spent in the neighbourhood of $225 US on a complete system made up of wrecking yard parts. I still have to get it charged though.

alright cool thanks. I’m going to find out which parts are cheaper between the r-12 and r-134 system. And then I’ll just retro fit it with my es-12.

Most of the parts are interchangeable. The only differences are in the compositions of the rubber parts, like the o-rings and hoses. R-12 and R-134a ue different oils which are not compatible with each other. But as I understand it es-12a is compatible with both. The only reason you’ll need R-134a compatible parts is if your going to fill it with R-134a.

New or rebuilt compressors and new driers are compatible with both refrigerants. Most people recommend a new drier and o-rings. Any wrecking yard parts from a g2 will be R-12.