A/C or Radiator Fan

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Approx . 3 months ago, I replace the left fan on the radiator (looking at engine from front of car). I’m thinking it is the A/C fan. I am new to the whole car scene, so please excuse any inaccuracies. Anyways, A few months ago my car was over heating while at a stand still. I replaced the hoes, radiator flush and thermostat and it was still overheating at stand stills. After I notice that the fan wasnt running, I then repalced it and the issue was resolved. The car ran like a charm without overheating. The A/C was actually cooler (reason why i think its the A/C fan).
Well, a few days ago, my car starteed overheating they way it use to. I checked the “a/c fan” and its not working anymore.

When i replaced it a few months ago, all i did was unplugg the old fan from the relay switch and plugged up the new fan. I had to splice the old fan from the relay switch. When i bought the new fan, all it had was 2 wires. It didnt have the other end to the relay switch.

Can anyone tell me if im missing a fuse or something, if the fan is known to burn out that fast, how can i test the fan and switch seperatly, what the hell i should try.


Fixed It!!!

After using an Amp reader or whatever you call it to check the fan for power, I found that the fan was still good. So, I decided to check the fuse box inside the car.

When bought the car 6 months ago, it didnt have a panel that covers the fuse box, which typically tells you which fuses are what. I went through each fuse to see if any were bad. I started pulling from bottom to top of the box. One of the last fuses i pulled was bad. It was a blue fuse (15), 2nd fuse from left to right on the very top row. I went to my neighborhood mechanic and asked to buy a fuse from him. Since he has done some work on my car, he was so kind as to give me 2 fuses.

Everything works now. Both fans are on and my car is chilling like a villian.

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