A/c Question

hi all,
my a/c is out of freeze seon, so i pumped 3 bottle of freeze seon of R-12 and still not cold …i can feel the a/c little better but not cold like a/c cold …do i need to pump R-12 oil in order to get it colder???

Was the car on with the A/C button on and Fans goin at full speed? Did you recharge it into the nipple by the headers and radiator?


i turn on the a/c to full blast when i charge the refrigrent …
i heard the motor or compressor running hard on the passenger side but dont feel much air blowing out …
could be the a/c filter need to be replace or ?

this is kind of in the wrong forum…but…

there should be a way, of which I do not know, to check your condensor, evaporator, and a/c lines for any leaks. Denso compressors are very durable and is usually not the cause of a problem. The compressor seals can be however. If you see a lot of grime collecting around a seal that means it needs replacement. The freon is leaking out and is coating the outside of the line and is causing road debris to stick to it.