A/C Removal (searched)

okay the question i wanted to know really wasnt answered in the threads i found. If i remove the A/C motor, Cooler, lines, can i just plug the holes at the firewall? with some type of rubber? B/C i think my engine bay would look alot cleaner. I just dont know if shit will leak out of the holes or what. Can i have some help please?

Well if you remove the system nothing is going to be in there anyway its just going to be empty so Im not seeing the concern. No need to even plug it up.

ight, Im going to attempt to do this soon, I think it will make my engine bay look a lil bit cleaner.

theres nothing really to leak out, per se, as the freon inside the system is compressed and will escape as a gas when you depressurize.

cool .:rockon: this will eliminate those two big ass hoses that run from one side to another

I would deffinately get the plug for the hole. i gets cold in the winter time without it.

imma try and find a RS to use the stock plugs. What did some of you use?

the same plug you are talking about

if you find an rs dont forget to pull the heater ducting, it cleans up a lot of space under the dash and make the heater work a hole lot better than its AC counterpart.:whisper: