A/C replacement lines? where to get them ?

i have a newer a/c compressor and some a/c hoses made by goodyear but one of the hoses broke and i was woundering if any one knew where to get some knew hoses for the a/c ? i didnt buy the a/c parts they came off my wrecked car the a/c worked fine in that one but when i was swapping the lines and compressor i fuck one of the lines up ? any one ?

I would say you’d have to go to the dealer for new ones, or have them custom made at a shop using your old fittings.

no because the lines that were on the a/c set up were aftermarket and made by good year … they werent solid metal either they were a really stiff rubber

The rubber hose may have been manufactured by Goodyear, but I doubt it was sold as an assembly complete with fittings. Either Goodyear was an OEM supplier of hose for Acura, or the hose you have is a custom-made replacement. To my knowledge no one makes aftermarket a/c hoses for our application.

So, your options are as follows:

1 - New replacement hose assembly from a dealer.
2 - Junkyard replacement.
3 - eBay.
3 - Have an a/c shop cut some rubber hose to length and assemble a new hose using the fittings from the old one. When I say fittings, I mean the metal portion of the hose assembly. If you go this route, now would be the time to consider a switch to barrier-type hose (reduced leakage).

i will get a pick of the hoses so maybe some one can tell me what they came from lol because they fit the 91 ls they came off of but not my 91 gs

Which line are we talking about? Does it go to the firewall or the condenser?