A/C Switch Failure

Hey guys,

I’ve got a question about the combo A/C & blower switch on my 1990 Acura Integra LS.

After nearly pulling out all my hair, I determined that the reason my AC didn’t work was that the switch had failed. I shorted together the two wires that the AC switch is connected to. Now my AC works!

I’m looking at buying a replacement, but I have to ask a few questions:

  1. the failure of this switch is somewhat common isn’t it? Is there something else that caused the switch to fail, or is it just due to normal wear and tear?

I found this TSB about the A/C switch: http://applications.edmunds.com/maintenance/MaintenanceServlet?step=step4&year=1990&make=Acura&model=Integra&style=2+Dr+LS+Hatchback&popup=new#48

But what is this talk of GREEN and CLEAR wires? Mine aren’t that color! Is it just an example? Can someone explain this to me?

  1. I found a source of the switch www.acuraautomotiveparts.net, has anyone had any experience with this supplier? How competative are the prices? (I’m looking at ~$55 total)

I’m ordering the switch online cause unfortunately the city I live it doesn’t have an Acura dealer, only a Honda dealer. The closet Acura dealer is in Grand Rapidsm, MI. Can you order Acura parts through a Honda dealer?



That switch failure is common. A lot of people have changed it. I believe it’s from normal wear and tear, probably due to the spring mechanism in it (I’ve taken it apart and noticed that).

I’ve heard you can order Acura parts through Honda dealerships. They’re both Honda parts anyway. I paid $50 for it. (Acura dealership). As for the wire colors. I don’t know much about that.

actually I tried to order a few Acura parts from the local Honda dealer, and they told me I would have to go to Acura, because they can’t order parts for Acura’s. Even spark plugs wires… :frowning:

Don’t waste your money on a new switch. This is a common problem, solved simply by replacing the resistor ($20 through Acura parts). It takes all of 1/2 hour to replace it.

A new resistor you say? Very interesting. Which resistor specifically. It’s been a while since I’ve had the switch in my hand, so I can’t remember if there is more than one.


Noget: If your located near Flint, there is a shop in Rochester Hills that can order Acura parts. I might be able to help you out too, I live in MI. EMail me and I will see what prices I can get.

I can say this because I live in the same state, but MI doesn’t really get too hot in the summer. Have you thought of removing the A/C system? It’s about 10+ HP gain and about 30lbs removed from your car. It takes no more than an hour to do.

I’m in Kalamazoo, the closest Acura dealer is in Grand Rapids. I’m curious about possibily of fixing this switch first, if I can get some info about which resistor fails.

I can’t believe you think I would consider removing the AC! I just moved here (from Calgary, Canada) last May. Summers in Kzoo are HOT. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the heat, but inside my car is a little too much.

I think the close proximity of the lake makes it so dam humid here. Temps in the 90s with 80%+ humidity are pretty common!

Before I got the AC working in this car, I was drenched in sweat just driving home. It doesn’t help that the interior is black.

I do appreciate the offer of help on locating a part though!


Go to your acura parts dealer and ask for the heater blower motor resistor. It cost me $20 cdn. Acura can install it for under $75 (parts in).

good luck

Maybe yall can help me out, I dont know if its the same problem yall are talkin about or not!

On my 93 teg LS, I turned the a/c knob to hot and it works and all but then when I turned it back my a/c didnt get cold anymore, it just blows warm air, but not exactly hot!

And if it is the switch then how do I do it cause im new to car stuff cause I used to never have money to I didnt bother learning!

Alright, I’m really digging up this post! :slight_smile:

Noget: Which pins did you short to turn the A/C on without a switch?