A/C with B20

Alright so I’m searching Google currently for an answer I’m hoping you guys may know off the top of your head. I was planning on swapping a B20 into my DB1 I just acquired since the cost of the head gasket repair is about the same. MY question is what is required to maintain my A/C. I have a daughter so unlike 10 years ago when I had my first DB1 and didn’t have to worry about such a thing I can’t simply throw the shit out. Thanks for any help or tips in the right direction. Good day!

Same as ur current setup- DO NOT disconnect the A/C lines when u do ur b20 swap. All i did on my swap was unbolt tha compressor and swap over A/C bracket then once the motor was in I bolt it back up

Thanks bud! I must have looked at 20 different forum posts and not one said that. Short, clear, and sweet. I have to do the conversion and work for a shop so I’ll get it all drained semi legally lol