A G2 With No Power !?!?!?!

I’m having the problem with my teg when when I take off in first gear, My car feels like its almost gonna stall untill I hit like 3000rpms and then it takes off. I really have no power in my low rpms and my gas mileage has gone from 330 on a tank to 200 or so on a tank:sad:. PLEASE HELP MY TEG!!! thanks< TYson:sad:

Check your spark plugs, give the ole’ G2 a tune up. Fuel filter, plugs, air filter, check your valve lash and ignition timing.

If your cars standard check you clutch cable.

it’s most likely something in your igniton system.
I would start replacing the chepaest stuff first and then move on up tot he Distributor itself.

<Only if you have intake and no header> It is also possible that you are getting too much air and the exhuast mani can’t handel it so it kinda boggles it down or at least feels like it.

i have a feeling its your O2 sensor…you car seems to have the symptoms of a bad o2 so i would check that out.

Sounds like you have a vacume leak of some sort, check your hoses!

I second the O2 sensor- an easy check is to unplug the electrical connection to the sensor and drive the car until it’s fully warmed up. Your check engine light will be on, but you’ll know the sensor is bad if the problem is gone.