A lil milky oil in cap

Today i went to check my oil and as i took off the oil cap there was just a tinny bit of milky oil under it. Now everything runs good and iv never over rev the car. People say that its just condensation from it being cold out,i know this to be true and so i cleaned off the cap,started the car and shut it off. After an hour i went back out and there is more milky oil on the cap but less then before. Compression is tiptop and the coolant is at the top and there is no air coming out of the rad as car is running. I know im ok but need others advice on this so i do not drive myself crazy. The oil when i checked it was a nice gold color saying its good. Tune up was a month ago and has 1,000 miles from said date.The motor is a jdm gsr stock with 58k miles. Thanks guys.:angel:

The only way you get milky oil on your cap is if water is mixing with your oil. compression might be good but the only place you normally get water from is your head gasket. not that much water gets in your engine through condensation. check your dip stick to see if your getting the same there. because if too much water gets with the oil the oil stops lubricating your engine and seizes it.

The dip stick comes out good and gold. Its just very lil milky oil on the cap. No overheating at all and water is to the top and stays there.

If you don’t want to spend on changing the head gasket right now, your still not in a serious situation. My suggestion in that case would be drive it like that for a while til it gets worse or better. don’t keep any coolant in your reserve tank to notice coolant drop in your radiator. Just keep checking the coolant and oil for changes. but I bet your head gasket will be needing some changing.

I hope i do not need to change the HG. When i got my swap i had it changed and also did the water pump. But thanks for your response:)

it is your headgasket. when i first slapped the head on my block, i under torqued all the bolts and ended up with the symptoms you described. there was a very small amount of antifreeze seeping into a cylinder. only reason i ever found out was because of the oil cap as everything else checked out ok. it was logical that it would all end up on the valvecover as steam rises. once i took my valvecover off, i noticed a bunch of milky oil on the top of my camshaft keepers and inside the valvecover.

i then changed the headgasket and everything has been fine for a few months now.

Well if it is then im going to have to fix it. What i do not understand is that i have not been driving the car that much at all. I take my Uncle to work and come home. I never over rev or drive fast. I think what is going on is the day i was washing it,water got on the filter,i dried it off as much as i can but might just got water in the motor. I think it was just a little bit because like i said,there is just a tinny bit of milky oil. I ran the car tell it was at normal temp and let it set again and checked the oil an hour later and did not see any milk oil on the cap,i also took the VC off and its clear so i think im good. Ill let you know if something comes up. Thanks for the help guys:)

i should rephrase what i said. it could be your headgasket. i’m really not sure if sucking up water will even cause milky oil… like you said, just keep an eye on it and see what happens.

Ok guys. So i ran the car threw town and let it get up to temp,i then let the car set for the day and checked the oil cap one more time to see and it was clean. No milk,nothing. So im all good. Thank you all again for the help. And i also took it to a shop and had the VC removed and it was clean and i just found out i have stage 1 cams from japan:rockon: I got the motor from H-motors so i got lucky as hell. I do not know the name of them.

Who told you that you had stage 1 cams? “Stages” are determined by company. Example: Skunk2 stage 2’s are different from Crower Stage 2’s.

Did they measure the lobe, lift, and duration of the cams? If not, I’m not too sure how they would be able to tell unless it clearly stated “Stage 1” on the ends of the shaft(s).

Also, did you pay for a shop to remove your Valve Cover, look at it, and re-install it?

I do not know how they can see what cams i have but i do know they ST1 on the ends next to the lobe. He said a name but i can’t remember. Its some Japanese name. And they wanted to charge me 25 bucks to do the work but the guy was hella cool and did not charge me. I might be going back this year to have a fuel flush so ill ask him again the name of the cams.