A scare for the teg!!!

Driving home this afternoon, pulled over to make a call ans the sametime saw my engine bay steaming!!! holy$%#@!!! I quickly checked my water level and saw a tiny pin size hole in the top hose!!! I thought that was the end cause I had to put 2.5L of water in for the thirsty teg!!! Had to cut and shut the hose just for now until I get to work tommorrow and get me a new hose… I just hope I havent blown the head gasket…:shock:

your alrgiht, i dont think its headgasket unless yo have nonstop medium white smoke, seeping out from your exhaust. not counting cold mornings.

If you lost too much water, and your car overheated, your problems could be much worse than a blown headgasket. I just hope you aren’t planning on driving it with the hose disconnected.

Sorry, what I meant was that I cut the part of the hose that had the hole and re-joined it and drove to work the following morning and ordered a new hose.thats all fixed now and I did a dye test to see if it was blown or not… I know honda motors are very easy to blow the gasket if you overheat them.Ive done a few honda motor head gaskets myself because of slight overheating.:wink: