A/T codes?

My car is a 91 ls A/T and my s3 light flashes. i searched and i found some advice and i followed all of it, but i still have a flashing s3 light. One question i still have is are there certain codes that only apply to the transmission? because under the dash on the driver side that thing gives me a code 9, and under the passenger side carpet i get no code. I checked code 9 and thats a code from the distributor. I just changed the distributor last week so it is brand spanking new. also why would the distributor make the s3 light flash/make my trans shift wierd? thats why im asking if code 9 for the trans is different than code 9 for the motor? if it is then where could i find the A/T codes, because i searched and i could find them. i have the haynes book for this car but it dont say nothing about the s3 light. PLEASE HELP

Im curious what you are looking at under the driver side that flashes? to my knowledge there is NOTHING under there that should flash. Is the flashing of the S3 light consistant or random?

under the driver side dash looking up there is like a small metal box with a round glass thing on the bottom. thats where im getting a code 9. also under the carpet at the passenger side theres the normal ecu. the light used to turn on every once in a while and now its like everytime i drive it.

I dont have an auto but i have no clue what you are looking at under the drivers dash. hopefully someone will chime in if they have some help

also some info i forgot to add is that once in a while i can feel the car kinda “mis-shift” like it tries to shift but it doesnt grab the gear right away, it kinda free revs then grabs the gear. the most ive seen it rev in between gears is about 700 its not much but its enough to make it a rough shift. also it never goes into “overdrive” like the torque converter never locks up. only once in a while on the freeway it feels like it tries to go into overdrive but like it comes on then off like every second for about 5 times then stays out of overdrive. so like the rpms go down about 800 then back up 800 and so on. i check the all fluid levels once a week and its always checked out fine

also when ever the s3 light flashes i cant shift using the button while in S mode

helms service manual page 14-33, 14-34:

code 9: lock-up clutch does not engage

-disconnected a/t speed pulser
-open or short in a/t speed pulser wire.
-faulty a/t speed pulser

reference page 14-46.

THANK YOU!!! thats exactly what i was looking for. um wheres the speed pulser?

:bump: OK i wanted to bump this thread instead of starting a new one. I figured it would be easier this way. Anyhow I have these codes flashing from my auto/ECU 1, 2, 7, and 8. Now looking at the chart above I know it is shift solenoids A and B. My question is this? Which one is A and which one is B on the transmission. I already have the solenoids that you can see on the front of the transmission. I have the upper two and the lower two that are harder to see. I just want to make sure these are the right ones before I go and swap them out. Thanks for any help. Brandon

from top to bottom, it goes LOCKUP B, A, SHIFT B, A.

i heard if you ask xdeep0 @gmail dot com he may be able to let you see the chapter :smiley:

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Hey in the post above with the diagrahm of the Auto tranny. What in the hell is a vaccum modulator? I was doing some work on my car. I noticed that while the vaccum line was hooked up. The line that looks like fluid once ran through, located at the bottom of it was not. it was broken.



When you replace the faulty parts that were flashing codes do you have to reset the AUTO ecu. If you do how do you do it? Thanks

ok, bumping this old thread because this pertains to my situation:

Randomly, my car wont start. The S3 light starts flashing, the CEL comes on.

this is an Auto 91 integra.

I checked the ECU, no flashes. CEL stays solid, S3 light flashes. I checked the TCM underneath the dash and it flashes in this order:
then loops.

Car refuses to turn over when this happens. Normally, I can get it to work by

  1. Unplugging the ECU for 1 minute
  2. plugging it back in, turning on the car… it dies
  3. unplug the ecu, plug it back in after a minute
  4. turn the car on, it usually starts

lately this has been getting worse. And it happens a lot more frequently when the weather is hot. I thought the ECU might be overheating, i replaced it. Does the same thing.

Also, unrelated, my CEL kicks on while im driving, and it says my EGR valve is bad. Ive replaced it three times now. What would be causing the problem?

what book are these diagrams and information coming from because i wana buy one any help would be greatly appreciated thanks