a/t radiator in a 5spd.......?

i just swapped a new radiator from an rs/automatic into my gs/5spd
there are 2 open hose holes at the bottom for a/t components
i assume they are just there for a/t cooling etc. so i filled it up with water and none came out thoes 2 holes. am i correct in assuming that i do not have to plug those holes with anything?

do i have to plug the 2 a/t holes at the bottom of my rad when im swapping it to a 5spd?

any insight is greatly appretiated

please deleted. SEARCHING owned me


I would recommend using that passage for an oil cooler instead. The benefit of the radiator running the oil cooler is that it will keep the oil at a consistant heat versus a standalone oil cooler.

On my big 4x4 truck my transmission oil cooler flows about as much as the integra radiator, it’s nice and big.