AAHHHH I need help! Wheel is out of place!

My steering was pretty bad cause my car would throw me left but mostly right when I drive. Now that I put a camber kit on my car, it is just horrible. I drive cause I need to get to work but I don’t know why it would do it.

The front drivers wheel sits right in the middle of the wheel well, but the front passenger sits really close towards the door. My camber is ok, but that one is really out of place.

What do I do? I have to drive out to Miami Wednesday to pick up my girlfriend and I don’t have a car. I can get one, but you know what I’m trying to get at. Either way, I’m screwed if I can’t fix it.

Try adjusting your radius arm. It goes from the lower suspension in the front to the front crossmember. Mabie it came loose. Your left wheel is supposed to be farther back casterwise from the factory, but it shouldnt be visable to our eye. This also happens a lot to cars that have been wrecked.

A friend of mine lost control in my car a few weeks ago but I really didn’t notice the change in position. So all I have to do is move it and tighten it? I’ll be playing with it today after work. I’m glad I only live 7 minutes from work. I had to drive it but I hate to put the stress on my car.

No, it wont move much. Basically you can only tighten it, but when you tighten it, it will pull the wheel forward. It can be shimmed if tightening it doesnt work, but Ive never tried that.

If your buddy lost control, did he hit anything?? Reguardless, if it is out of wack, as long as its aligned, you should be ok as far as tirewear is concerned.

He didn’t run into anything but did hit some hard bumps.

if you just put in a camber kit…did you get an alignment yet…if you didnt then whats throwing you off is your toe…i know when i put mu camber it in my car didnt want to go in a straight line…it always wanted to pull left or right

I just found that out brotha. I’m calling up the toyota dealership (I know, I know, but I have a friend there who will do it for me) to make an apointment. 30 bux ain’t too bad for an alignment, is it?

30 for an alignment is not bad at all. Les Schawbb charges 70 bucks for a thrust angle alignment. Sorry man, I assumed you had an alignment after you put in a camberkit. No wonder its all screwed up:p

Will she be ok after the alignment? No more veering to one side or the other? I hope so. Alligator alley is not a fun place to get stuck (Floridians know what I am talking about)

Oh ya, should be. When I first put in my camberkit I had toeout in the front like a mofo. Car felt like it was loose as a goose thated been fuc…errrrrrr, violated by a moose:) You could point the wheels straight (according to the steeringwheel) and it looked like it was turning from both sides at the same time.

my car looks pigeon toed now

my wheels look like this