About to start on the suspension....what do you suggest?

I’m basically looking for a setup that doesn’t include burning out my wallet, but will also have to compensate for the speed that my car has now. I’d also like to put about a 2 inch drop to it. Coilovers, shocks, struts, camber kits, etc etc. What do you guys suggest for pricing and what would I really need? Thanks

Eibach Sportlines & Tokico Blues or Koni Yellows if you have EXTRA ca$h.

Heres how I tackled the suspension project.

Going into it knowing that the final touches would be a 1.7inch drop and wider tires I tried to plan accordingly.

To help with the issues of the wider tires I first picked up a neuspeed front upper strut bar (110$). Then came the rear lower bar, skunk2 makes a nice one (100$). After searching for a solid form rear upper strut bar that I couldnt find at the time I settled for a semi usefull ractive bar (45$). After that was done, understeer improved dramatically. Since I was going to need a camber kit, and didn’t want to wait for the UPS guy after I lowered my car I ordered it so I’d have it on hand. Time for shocks struts. I picked up some kyb agx’s (good deal 160$) for the front and a set of Tokico adjustable rears (235$). Those are just sitting around right now, waiting for the neuspeed race springs to drop it (240$).

My last three upgrades are more energy suspension bushings(60$) and links, and a larger mm rear sway bar(245$).

If you add it all up its over a grand and some bills.

Reason I did it that way is, I would order say, a couple strut bars one week, then next month order a few other parts. So I didn’t break the bank so to say, its just spread out a bit.

Yes I know, some things you can do without, like the bushings, the sway bar, maybe even one less strut bar. Camber kit is a must, someone just asked about that and I pointed out a decent set of front and rears for 125$. Try to get atleast one strut bar, front upper or rear lower. Good lowering springs will cost you about the same as most coil overs. Pick your route, if you want adjustable ride heigth, go with coil overs, but be wary it voids all shock warrantys. Match spring rate to damping on the shocks dont get non adjustable shocks and put on skunk2 500lb spring rate coilovers on.

If you go with the basics, i’d say you can get away with only spending about 700 bucks.

^^^ you just probably confused the hell out of him. lol.

to figure out what you should do to your suspension, you need to find out what you want to do with it. Personally, i want to auto-x my car everyonce in a while, so i need something that i can adjust to try out new things. i just bought Ground Control coilovers (i got em for 315). they are a sleeve style coilover, which means that you can use the stock shock or upgrade to a new shock. i also bought Koni Yellow shocks for all 4 corners (145 each) they are adjustable as well, so i can change the damping inbetween runs if i need it stiffer or softer. i bought the Ground Controls are designed for the konis, so im pretty much set in that department. i also just bought Suspension techniques sway bar kit for 2nd Gen integras (250). thicker sway bars front and rear to minimize body roll. pretty soon i should be getting a c-pillar bar from EM racing (150). later in the future i will be getting a eurethane bushing kit for our cars too, it replaces all the bushings in the suspension that arent meant for high performance driving. i might get a front strut bar (neuspeed), but i doubt it. My dads friend races a 2nd gen integra in the SCCA professionally and he said that strut bars dont do that much. so i dont think ill waste my money.
Again, it all depends on what you want the car to do, if you want it just dropped for looks, then get springs. if you also want some performance out of it, look into shocks, sway bars. hope that helped, later

First off, I agree with EvilOliv3 in that the FIRST thing you should do is figure out what you want out of your suspension. I think every car book I’ve ever read says the same thing. If you just start buying parts and make a plan as you go, you’ll end up either a) with something you don’t want or b) wasting money on parts you’ll eventually replace.

Second, if you’re on a budget like me, look into finding used parts. I know it may not be glamorous, but it’ll save you lots of money. I found a used set of Koni Yellows (popularly thought of as the best shocks) for $325 shipped. I believe there are two sets of used Neuspeed Race springs on eBay right now that will probably go for under $100. I remember a few weeks ago a set went for $31. I’m trying to find a set of Eibach Pro-kits right now, although luck would have it I haven’t been able to find a set. The day after I paid for my shocks a set of Koni Yellows and Eibach Prokits went up on eBay, its ironic as hell. They eventually sold for ~ $365. The point of all this is that it may take a little longer to find the parts, but they’re out there, and they’ll save you lots of money.

Thirdly, if you’re looking into getting a swaybar, Progress makes the only 22mm (1") bar for 2nd Gen Integras that I’m aware of. This would generate less understeer than, say, the 3/4" bar that Suspension Techniques sells.

Anyway, good luck with the buildup, and keep everyone informed, I’m sure we’d all like to hear how it goes.

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KYB GR2 shocks (200-240 for 4 shocks)
Any lowering speings (130-150 for a set of 4, neuspeed, eibach, h&r etc…)

total cost can be anything from 300-400 that’s the cheapest you can get for So-So quality (better than stock)…

you can probably get those cheap ass dropzone shock and coilovers for around 200.

i personally have the GR2 and GroundControl coilovers sleeves.

the ST sway bar is only 3/4"? crap, i thought it was bigger, oh well!

if you want to autox i recomend getting coilovers coupled with the progress rear and ST front or just the ST rear. You can get Tein SS’s for about 900 or you can go for the progress’s or the JIC’s both which are more expensive. Since you don’t want to get into the wallet too deep then i don’t sugest hybriding you suspension with DC components. On the other hand, if you want it soley for street use then the KYB AGX’s along with any springs you’d like for looks purposes. You can also go with the Tokico Illumina’s which are a little bit of a stiffer shock and somewhat boncy but will providie you with adjusability and a little stiffer ride. Hope all this helped.

i have a set of Tein SS coilovers on mine. The setup is perfect, no problems rides well, you can get them at Group 5 in san diego, fo $900.

i got mine for 875 na na nana na haha (from group 5)

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Get these…

Just came in the mail today, along with the ST bars, GCs should be here monday, along with my One Pieces! :slight_smile: