About TOUGE setup???

For one track race car,
Normally we need larges diameter brake rotor & caliper,
Harder suspension setup,
Rollcage(may be) or strut bar,
performance grip tire,
To make it more stable and safety with higher speed on cornering…
How about on TOUGE??
Using the same setup as track use???
Or different setup?


is about the same set-up… and bright lights if you in the night!!! for better visibility…

most of the touge guys have their cars set up similar to or exactly to track spec but choose to do it on the street/mountain.

Bright HID’s also blind the car you are chasing, but that’s not really a way to make YOU faster.
Best Motoring a touge car should be usable every day. This means the tires must be not be R comps, no roll cage in front of the drivers seatback (otherwise would need a helmet), be able to clear large speedbumps/driveways, and offer a “tolerable” ride quality for a female.
One more point is that the best touge cars are strong in battle. This means the car still performs if your entry angle is a little shallow, if your exit speed is killed by a slow leading car, is not upset by sand on the road, lots of little details that can thwart a super low super stiff car. Here, adequate ground clearance and suspension travel is key.

Actually i know HID quite useful at night,
But so sad Malaysia not allow to use it…
I have installed 1 pair of hella spotlight…

About setup,
I have F/R strut bar installed,
Custom make adjustable suspension installed(F-10K/R-6K),
Custom make rear ARB,
205/50/16 potenza re001…

Some of my friend say my setup TOO STIFF,
Not suitable to TOUGE and body roll reduce TOO MUCH,
Untill unstable and hard to connering…
Some more,
My setup only suitable on FLAT TRACK only…

It’s TRUE?
What do you think?