ABS and brake problems

Firstly, in my 90 GS ABS icon on gauge cluster never displays (even when the ignition is on). ABS doesnt work at all. I read two codes on ABS from rear right quarter (4 fast blinks and 2 slow blinks). What does it mean? Is it code no 42, or maybe two ones 4 & 2? or maybe 24? Secondly, my ebrake icon on gauge cluster starts to stay on after right sharp corners and stays on from few seconds to few minutes. What`s going on??

if you take sharp right turns and the brake light comes on, its probably because you are low on fluid and the brake fluid is moving around. w/ engine codes, slow = 10 and fast = 1. it would be logical to assume the same for the abs. so you have either 2 codes, 20 and 4, or one - 24. there should be a fairly long pause in between codes and a much shorter pause if it is part of the same code. get a manual and look it up. or search for it. old abs systems are crap anyway IMO, just remove the damn thing and dont drive like a tard in the snow.

Thanks for reply. But I would like rather to fix the ABS:) So now I still dont know why the ABS doesnt stay on during turning ignition on…