abs and techna fit

i ive had these brand new techna fit stainless steel brake lines,

i want to know if they will work with the abs on our g2’s.

ive searched alot and seen ‘clues’, i think it works with abs, but im not certain

the model number is ac 1090 in case it makes a difference

can anyone confirm that they work with abs?

*yes they are specified for a 90-93 akrite, but no mentions to abs on alot of product descriptions

abs and non-abs brake lines are the same.

thank you, i had pretty much come to that conclusion, just needed some assurance thanks for the help. :rockon:

i run them on my 91. have had no issues whatso ever. and yes i have abs.

Ive read some horror stories and seen some nasty pics of Techna-Fit lines snapped off at the banjo fitting, just be careful installing and check them often.

I have had the technafit installed since I bought my car with zero issues. My car had ABS which I removed and I also track the car with/without abs all with the technafits equipped. Never had a single issue with them and reccomend them. I think failures have more to do with installation then product quality. I also install them frequently on customer vehicles at work.
They get a passing grade from me.