ABS brake code 48?

My Anti Lock light is on so I looked under the little plastic cover in the back and saw a red light flash 4 times, stop, then 8 times. I am assuming the is code 48 for the ABS. If anyone knows what this means that would be great.

Ok, I have done some research but I’m still confused.


It says a 4-8 code is “Loss of traction when starting from a stuck condition. i.e. mud, snow, burnouts (WHEE!): 4-1, 4-2, 4-4, 4-8”

…and yep this is my first day ever driving a stick and I did a couple of burnouts, so does this mean the light is just being dumb or is something broken. Oh and it also means left rear wheel.


Ok…I’ve almost figured it out on my own but now I need some help. I need to pull the ALB B2 fuse to reset the system but I don’t have the manual. I know the box is under the hood. I found the big fuse box, is this the right one, if so which fuse is it. Thanks

voltage drop(anti lock light flash, cassette player stop) when apply brake

Hi G2 lovers, I replaced the alternator on my car like 2 months back, from that time the brakes doesn’t work. So after 1 month i replaced the brake booster and the battery with new ones. Starting from then whenever i touch(slight push) the brake pedal to brake, the cassette player stops and play again, antilock light flashes(come on) for a second. This is not happening all the times but for most of the times. I feel like the battery is not getting charged for a second. Please help me.