ABS! clicking sound

ok i was driving today and my abs light comes on and this weird clicking sound i hear everytime i turn the car on? can anyone help me. i think its coming from the abs reservoir but not sure. anyone had this problem before?

Ever run low on brake fluid in that reservoir?

i’ve had that problem… it got so bad i just removed the abs fuse and that basically removed the function of my abs… the light in the dash will come on though. i think the abs unit is pretty much shot when it makes the noise kinda like a woodpecker or something.

no never ran on low. but right now the brake fluid is below max could that be the problem?? i reset the ecu but still makes the noise. is there any way i can save the abs unit?

just unplug the abs computer behind the passenger rear seat side panel and call it a day…those abs modulator valves are junk and always die and end up making noises…unplug that computer, no more abs and no abs light…then if and when you want just convert totally to a non abs system

is that safe??