ABS Leak Hole?!?

I noticed today when I popped the hood the back of me intake infront of the ABS system looked like it got some kinda brownish grease spat/spray all over it. then I proceeded to look and here’s what I found out:

It looks as if it came from my ABS reservoir system and tank. there is this little hole that had the same coloured grease all around it so I’m pretty sure it came from there, can anyone tell me what exactly is it? here’s a picture of the exact hole I’m talking about. Click link to see full size

(If it doesn’t work, copy and paste http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid45/pb0770488156301a8f1694d017ae8956b/fcd77c73.jpg.orig.jpg into another web browser)

Now, I acutally tested to make sure the ABS worked about a week before this and haven’t popped the hood sicne then and so I was thinknig when it ws in use, it was too full and it sprayed out a safety hole maybe? I’ve never noticed this before. I cleaned it off, I’ll check tomorrow to see if anymroe sprayed out.\

EDIT: I did jsut isntall a front strut bar but I removed the metal bracket around the tank reservoir to fit it, but I’m sure there were no screws that went into there or anything…


This is typical for a full resevoire. The ABS pump that goes off when there is hard use or dirt in the switch actuation area, can stay on and push the fluid back up the system to a point of overflow.