ABS Light

After a while of driving 1 mile or so ABS light comes on, what could it be, any help would be appreciated

Multiple things… pull the code, check the teg tips if you don’t know how.

Will do thank you

Main code 4 subcode 8- left rear sensor thanks for the help

If you need a replacement sensor, let me know. I pulled ABS from my GSR so I have sensors for you and you are local.

No problem man, glad I could help.

I cleaned out the abs sensor and it has the same code buf only flashes 1 instead of 3x aanybody know what it is? What should I do? Should I clean it out again

How much would you want for the left rear sensor

nothing. its a useless item. its yours if you want it.

Oh alright ill let you know if i need it u have a number or email


Ok thanks ill let u know do u have any other parts laying around u dnt need