ABS Problem?! Please help

Okay, did a search on ABS and all I could find were things on strut bars so here goes my problem. I have ABS, and today opened up my engine bay to notice that my ABS reservoir is leaking something. It’s wierd because it’s leaking where the cap is but the cap is sealed and I can’t seem to figure out how it’s leaking.

The past couple of days, when I’m driving, I’ll hear a loud rattle sound coming from the engine and about couple minutes after the rattle, my ABS light comes on. Another wierd thing is that when I turn it off and restart my car, it doesn’t come back on. I’m thinking it may be a computer problem?

Seems physical because it’s leaking for sure, but not out of any tubes, it’s from the cap. And seems electrical because my ABS lights comes on, but when I restart the car, it doesn’t come back on…

Anybody have any clues?

Oh by the way, does anyone know if ABS fluid is bad? Meaning, yes it’s leaking but do I need to worry about it contaminating anything in my engine?! Please give me warnings!

What is the code that the abs is giving you. (check the hole in the rear right passenger armrest- put the ignition on and wait for the LED to give you series of pulses, count them)

Then we will know where to start.

From what you described-- most likely you have presure switch problem since the pump tries to create the presure in the reservuar. The limit is 120sec monitored by ABS ECU. when the presure is there, the switch will turn off the pump. if swithc is bad, the pump will work to the time limit, and overflow the fluid over the cap. Something like that, correct me please if I am wrong.

Also, Helms manual would be handy to you to troubleshoot by yourself. If you do not have it, email me, I will send you the ABS section.

Thomas( ABS Guru)