Abs strut tower bar myth!!

I keep hearing everyone say that you have to pay an arm and a leg for an abs front strut tower bar. No not true my front strut tower bar is a 35$ ebayed bar. All I had to do to get it to fit was to unbolt the fuse box, so that you can bolt it to the strut. Then to clear the abs, unclip the abs plugs from the brace. Then unbolt the brace and it’ll fit. :up:

umm this is nothing new.

there are countless threads already discussing how to get a bar to fit a car with abs. the main problem is clearing the dashpot valve or airboost valve(its one of them) on the intake manifold.

there are threads already telling people to remove the bracket that holds the two connectors for the abs.

not only that but there are also threads mentioning ebay as well as other cheap brand style bars fitting abs-equiped cars as well.

there are certain bars that WILL NOT clear the abs pump unit just because of the shape and bend of the bar.

searching would have yielded all the answers.

a guy i know put an ebay bar in his 91’ it broke that little circular airboost valve or whatever the fuck it is lol. it must not be important, because it runs fine.

That’s only to help your car rev in cold weather.

i payed 15 for my bar used, and it fits my car(1990 gs), i love it!!!